THE EUROPEAN HIGHWAYMEN ( G.Thomas, Arly Karlsen )

This new country concert concept consists of two Norwegian country artists who have left their mark in the European context over several years.
The artists are: G.Thomas and Arly Karlsen. They have toured far and round in a generation, releasing a variety of albums and stands strong on its own, with their respective bands. They Been on many a country festival in Norway and Europe and had several songs on the charts in several countries.

On one occasion in London during a concert tribute to Kris Kristofferson in 2005, these three country boys found the tone and decided to began a musical collaboration. Cooperation was completed constructed in late 2006 and the first concert was already in January 07.
The concept emphasizes strongly that they all have roots to the legendary original U.S. "The Highwaymen". The choice of songs naturally falls into that category, but also covers large parts of the country music history. Besides a part of their own songs, they also addressed their own interpretations of songs by Waylon, Cash, Willie, Kris, and of course Buck, Merle, Bare, Jackson among others.

They complement each other these country guys, which G.Thomas feel outlaw music in and out, Arly Karlsen with Mr Cash in the blood, voice-wise a perfect concept in which their voices suited together brilliantly.

These country boys with their Highway Band has had massive success on the concert stage since the concert started in January 2007, People appreciate that the artists with "experience" turns together and exercise their interpretation. Several concerts are next to come and it is now planned several concerts throughout 2012 to 2013. The album "spinning" has release January 25, 2013.

New studio CD is now recorded in Nashville with musicians from the top shelf. Band leader of the project was Dave Row. (Bassist for Johnny Cash in 10 years). The co producer was the legendary Bobby Bare and the technician was Buck Jarrell (played for, among others, Waylon Jennings and Dolly Parton).

The album is called "spinning" and will be on the market 25 January 2013. Release concert date is 25 January in kilden konserthus in kristiansand (norway) the same day.